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About Obesity

Obesity is a life-threatening DISEASE which affects many people in the world.

There are multiple factors which cause obesity, but the most important factors are genetic tendency, over-eating, faulty diet and lack of exercise. When your caloric intake is greater than what your body needs, obesity is the end result.

Obesity contributes to more than 300,000 deaths per year, making it the second leading cause of preventable death than smoking.

We have provided a BMI calculator for you to determine your own classification. A BMI of 30 or more indicates a doubled risk of death, while a BMI of 40 or more indicates 4 times the normal risk level.

Please click on this link to calculate your BMI now…

Calculate BMI

Measuring Obesity

The severity of obesity is measured by BMI (Body Mass Index weight-to-height ratio), which is calculated by taking your weight in kilograms and dividing by the square of your height in meters.

Each higher degree of obesity yields an increased risk of physical, mental, and social disability.

The National Institutes of Health (N.I.H) have published the following guidelines for (BMI):

Normal: Up to 25
Overweight:  25 – 29.9
Obese:  30 – 34.9 

One or more co-morbidities are currently under trial for weight-loss surgery. We are one of the 7 centers in the US to participate in this trial.

Severely Obese:  35 – 39.9
Morbidly Obese:  40 and up (or 100 lbs. overweight)

Are candidates regardless of presence of any co-morbidities. Only a physician can accurately evaluate all the factors in your case – please consider this result as a guideline for you.

Obesity-related health conditions are health conditions that, whether alone or in combination, can significantly reduce your life expectancy. A partial list of some of the more common conditions follows. Your doctor can provide you with a more detailed and complete list:

  • Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Heart Disease & Stroke
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Respiratory Problems
  • Arthritis & Joint Problems
  • Infertility & Prolapse
  • Varicose Veins

The correction of Obesity will frequently reverse or improve these unhealthy conditions.