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Thomas Y. Chua MD, FACS & Wisconsin Bariatrics S.C. are contracted health care providers for major health insurance carriers like United Health Care, Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield, Humana, Aetna, Cigna, Cigna Great West, Medicare, Medicaid, etc.

Thomas Y. Chua MD, FACS & Wisconsin Bariatrics S. C. are also contracted with Employers Self-Funded Insurances and their third party adminstrators like UMR, HealthEos/WPPN, Health Payment Systems, etc. However, please note that most insurance plans have specific criteria for bariatric surgery to be a covered benefit.

Once you’ve seen Dr. Thomas Chua for a consult and a decision has been made between you and Dr. Chua regarding what kind of bariatric surgery is appropriate for you; we, at Wisconsin Bariatrics will try our best to help you get a pre-authorization for your surgery. However, please note that pre-approval or a pre-authorization is not a guarantee of payment.

Furthermore, while you are in the process of preparing yourself for the surgery; we at Wisconsin Bariatrics S.C. strongly recommend that you do some inquiry with your insurance. Find out whether bariatric care including bariatric surgery is a covered benefit under your plan.

Here is how you may approach it:

Call the member services number listed on your insurance card and ask…
  • “Is bariatric surgery a covered benefit under my plan?”
  • “What are the criteria for bariatric care, including bariatric surgery to be a covered benefit under my plan?”

Ask further questions whether Dr. Thomas Y. Chua & Wisconsin Bariatrics S.C. are in network with your insurance plan.

Ask for a hard copy or copies of the criteria for bariatric care and bariatric surgery as defined under your insurance plan.

Once you made your decision that you want Dr. Chua and Wisconsin Bariatrics SC to be your health care providers for bariatric care…

  • Call us at (414) 281-9665 or fill out the form at the Contact Us page.